History: male-domination - The domination of males

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Marvin Harris article on why men dominate women traces development back to band and village societies and concern of people to develop. Male dominance may refer to: Androcentrism, a worldview focusing on male supremacy; Male dominance (BDSM), BDSM activities where the dominant partner.

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By Barg - 22:15
People, male domination in the life of our society is the sole important form of oppression and must therefore be an exclusive target of struggle. This position.
By Kazrakus - 00:20
"With the advent of internal war, patrilocality, and exogamy, there came a profound shift in male-female relations. The male monopolization of warfare was​.
By Samumuro - 13:34
“Women and lowly men are so hard to handle. If you let them too close to you, they become disobedient. But if you keep them at a distance.
By Daidal - 07:05
Positions of power in almost every sector in Britain are dominated by men, a damning new report has found. Analysis of the top jobs in the art.
By Kazuru - 09:11
A recent finding that 40 percent of American households with children have female breadwinners did not leave Fox News commenter Erik.

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